Benefits of Storm Shutters for Your Property’s Protection in Jacksonville, Florida

Hurricane season is here again,  is your house ready-built for the next upcoming hurricane? Have you upgraded or simply patched up and fixed your broken anti-hurricane defenses all over your house? Hopefully you still have the time and the budget left, and now is the perfect time to call the professionals of hurricane restoration services, ServiceMaster Restore by PWF.

ServiceMaster Restore by PWF or ServiceMaster has been serving the residents of Jacksonville, Florida for 30 years and is the trusted company when it comes to property restoration after any disaster. Through the years, ServiceMaster has observed that most of their clients, after any storm, had neglected the windows⁠—the weakest spot of the house⁠—from being protected and secured. Even a simple Category 1 hurricane can already cause much damage at a  costly expense. ServiceMaster advises the use of storm shutters to protect their windows from future damages.          

What are storm shutters?

Storm shutters are anti-hurricane defenses that protect houses and other shelter structures from devastating disasters like hurricanes, storms, typhoons, and strong winds. Commonly called hurricane shutters by most Floridians, they prevent and protect windows from being damaged by flying objects or strong winds.

What are the benefits of having storm shutters?

Benefit No. 1: Additional Protection and Prevention  

Storm shutters add an extra layer of protection to the windows or external parts of the house against outside elements and other flying objects. Whenever there is a storm, it comes with strong winds and rain, and every home’s weak spots are the exposed windows. Storm shutters protect and prevent windows glass breakages from whipping up winds that send debris flying through windows and into your living room. There are some reported cases where flying glasses from broken windows took some lives inside the house. Installing storm shutters will prevent window breakages from happening and will surely protect you and your family.

Benefit No. 2: Improve Security Measures

Storm shutters strengthen the security of your house by making sure that the most vulnerable parts of the house (windows/doors) are doubly secured. They also discourage the prying eyes of potential burglars, thieves, or would-be intruders to keep them away from your house. A closed shutter blocks the inside view of your house and creates an additional barrier against those nosy eyes. Rigid types of storm shutters are strong and provide extra protection against break-ins especially when you are traveling, or the aftermath of a storm.

Benefit No. 3: Privacy 

For those who value their personal space, a storm shutter is a must. If you are still insecure with your see-through curtains and broken blinds, a storm shutter is the answer to your privacy concerns. Closed shutters shut down the noise and other disturbing sounds that can hinder your concentration and focus, and at the same time gives you the confidentiality that you desire.

Benefit No. 4: Increases House Aesthetics and Value

Typically, most homeowners neglect the importance of shutters as a long-term house investment and take for granted their aesthetic functionality. If there is a need to sell your property, shutters can add more value and potential buyers would feel more safe and comfortable purchasing a house in a hurricane-zone area. Moreover, they add curb appeal to your house and give a sense of character to the owner.

Benefit No. 5: Energy Efficient

With the extra layer for the house, shutters provide additional insulation for managing the ever-changing thermal temperature. They are highly reliable and keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter by blocking cold drafts and unwanted heat temperatures.

Benefit No. 6: Insurance Credits

As known in Florida, just by protecting all the openings of your home like impact-resistant materials, glass with shutters, and storm panels, you can receive credit on your homeowners’ insurance, but first have a licensed and insured contractor for the hurricane protection credit. It is advisable to contact your insurance provider to know more about insurance credits.

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