Best Holiday Cleaning Tips for Your Home!

The Holiday season is fast approaching; pretty sure you’re busy looking around for tempting gift ideas for your loved ones, vibrant decorations, and ways to cook the perfect holiday dishes. However, you’re still missing one thing to make the holiday celebration go on smoothly and that is a complete professional cleaning by the best residential cleaning in St. Augustine, ServiceMaster Restorations by PWF. Remove all areas of your home from stains and foul odors.

From dusting to scrubbing every part of the home, all of these must appear on the to-do list. We want to make it happen, so we have compiled holiday cleaning tips to properly complete the tasks.

Clean up and Know Your Priorities

The list that is yet to be checked gets endless, right? Making time for the to-dos isn’t that inconvenient as you think. Start with the uncomplicated things or the most troubled part of your home; make it more tidy-looking. However, if the mess and stains are hard enough to deal with, the Service Master Restore by PWF has carpet cleaning in St. Augustine and upholstery cleaning in Ocala, available 24/7 365 for your cleaning needs and service inquiries. You deserve a break too.

Prepare the Guest’s Bathroom

Above all, ensure that your bathroom is entirely clean. If its possible, provide a mini-basket in the bathroom certain essentials that visitors could use. We want our guest comfortable spending time at our home. Turn up the bath with holiday décor to add more vibrancy. You can even place a trash bin for used towels. You can do a complete tile and grout cleaning by hiring ServiceMaster Restorations by PWF

Combat the Disturbing Odor

Utilize available herbs that you have or create your own sprays to freshen up your home. In fact, one of the options to try could be lavender which is known to lessen stress and spread good vibes or relaxation around the holiday season. Sprinkle over some effective air-fresheners on the rugs and carpets to combat the odor from cooking meats in the kitchen. You can also consult from your cleaning experts   ServiceMaster Restorations by PW to fully clean your air ducts through their Air duct cleaning services in St. Augustine. Clean air ducts will help make your home free from annoying and unpleasant smell.

When it comes to top-of-the-line cleaning services in Northeast Florida and its surrounding areas, ServiceMaster Restorations by PWF is the company to call. We’ll clean your home just in time for the holidays! For more information, please contact our office near you! Pinellas, Duval, Clay and St. Johns at (866) 599-0871.