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Upholstery and fabrics in the commercial or industrial setting is not like your couch at home. The fabrics used in the workplace have to stand up to hundreds of fannies sitting in them every week. Whether your business needs upholstery cleaning because of everyday use or because you have suffered some type of disaster, ServiceMaster by PWF has the training and equipment to get your furniture looking and smelling clean and refreshed.

Nothing turns off a potential client quicker than walking into an office or showroom and being expected to sit on a stained dirty chair or couch. Worse is, after a while, those stained chairs begin to smell bad as well. Our machines are designed to clean and freshen not only your couches and chairs, but also the fabrics that most business owners forget about, like fabric covered dividers or partitions. Over time, these room dividers become dusty and dingy, but they also hold dust and allergens that can have negative health effects on your employees and even your customers. Regular cleaning helps keep the office healthier. Our equipment and techniques are designed to minimize the wear and tear on your fabrics and help maintain them longer.

When your business faces any kind of disaster, cleaning your upholstery and fabrics becomes a critical step in getting your business back up and running. In the case of fire or water incursion, your upholstery and fabrics face the same types of damage issues as the rest of your building. Although they may not be directly damaged by the fire or water, they may be affected by the residual issues like soot and ash from the fire or excess moisture and mold from water.

ServiceMaster by PWF is prepared to clean your upholstery no matter what has happened to it. We have the right combination of chemicals, techniques, and equipment to get the stains out, sanitize, and deodorize

As with all our other commercial services, ServiceMaster by PWF can work around your company’s schedule. We can schedule your upholstery cleaning at night or on the weekends to minimize the downtime of your office. In the case of disaster, we will schedule it in a timely fashion to get your office back up and running as quickly as possible. Your customers, visitors, and employees expect and deserve a clean and healthy environment. Allow ServiceMaster Restoration by PWF to provide upholstery and fabric cleaning that does just that for you, whether it is your annual cleaning or recovering after a disaster.

Call now if your furniture / upholstery has experienced damage. Repair and Restore instead of Replace.

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