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As with any other issues with your business or commercial property, every hour spent cleaning up after a problem is an hour of lost productivity and lost revenue. When water intrusion cause mold to develop in your business building, it puts your employees and customers at risk, as well as the structure itself. Even small amounts of water intrusion from a slow leaking roof or AC unit can lead to mold growth. Mold growth can lead to sick building syndrome. Once mold starts growing, getting rid of it needs to be the building owners first priority.

At Service Master Restoration by PWF, our trained technicians can quickly determine how big the problem is and work to resolve the issue with minimal interruption to your business. Our first priority is the health and safety of your employees and customers, as we are sure is every business owners.

With 24 hour emergency service, Service Master Restoration by PWF can help you immediately assess the situation. Determine which areas of your building are affected by the mold. Once the scope is determined, we work to prevent further contamination of the building and begin to clean the contaminated areas. If the mold has affected the building materials to the point of needing demolition, we will safely remove the affected areas and dispose of the materials. If it is mold is detected early enough, often cleaning is all that is needed, but the cleaning materials need to be disposed of properly to ensure that none of the mold spreads.

In addition to removing the mold, we work to remove the initial source of the moisture to begin with. Whether it is a leaky pipe, roof, or AC system or your source of water is flooding from an outside source, our licensed contractors have the right skills and equipment to repair the initial issue to prevent the moisture from continuing to accumulate.

Once the source of the moisture is repaired and the mold is removed, our technicians will apply proper structural drying techniques and dehumidification to make sure that the moisture balance is restored to your building.

Finally, once the building is mold free and dry, the last step of mold remediation is to ensure that it is clean and odor free. Everyone is familiar with the musty odor that accompanies mold and mildew. It can linger for a while. Business owners, who have had a mold issue, should always have their HVAC and ductwork inspected and cleaned after mold remediation. Mold spores travel easily through ductwork. Making sure that the HVAC system is cleaned after an incident mean preventing another incident.

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