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Content Cleaning Services after Fire Damage

Service Areas: Alachua, Columbia, Dixie, Lafayette, Levy, Marion, Gilchrist, Bradford, Union, Clay, Duval, St. John, and Pinellas Counties

When your property is damaged by fire or flood to the point that it is uninhabitable, ServiceMaster by PWF provides content cleaning and restoration. At ServiceMaster by PWF, we know that your property is precious. Our goal is return your home or office and its content to you in as closed to pre-incident condition as possible.

The restoration starts with inventory and packing of the contents of your home or office. ServiceMaster by PWF will then clean, restore, and reconstruct the home or office as necessary with our award winning remodeling team licensed as general contractors, they do it all. Once all restoration is complete, your items will be returned and re-inventoried and have been restored to your satisfaction.

Not all items are the same, our specialty team at ServiceMaster by PWF target in on electronics, furniture, draperies and more to assure there is no smoke damage as well. Your fine electronics, rugs, draperies, clothing and more will be taken care of for you so you can focus on the rebuilding at hand.

Water is one of the most destructive forces in nature especially when it affects commercial buildings. Not only does it damage the structure, but often there is irreplaceable content in that business. When that damage extends to the paperwork of the operations it can be especially devastating to the business. Even if the water doesn’t touch the paperwork it is still possible to cause damage, the extra humidity and mold and mildew growth are damaging to papers as well. Because of its fragile nature, destruction to paper happens so quickly. Time is of the essence.

At ServiceMaster by PWF uses advanced tools and techniques to restore documents, including:

  • Vacuum Freeze-drying
  • Microbial Disinfecting
  • Deodorizing
  • Sanitizing
  • Ultrasonic Separation
  • Gamma Ray Irradiation

When your business is affected by water damage to your paperwork, the first call should be to ServiceMaster by PWF. The cleaning and drying process for paper depends on the type of water that is involved. If the water is dirty or contaminated, before beginning the drying process, it is actually necessary to rinse and sanitize that papers. This is a delicate and time consuming process that requires attention to details. Once cleansed and rinsed clean, papers must be blotted and dried carefully. Books present a different set of problems, which our ServiceMaster by PWF technicians are trained to handle. Cleaning and saving the spines, cleaning, blotting and drying the pages so they are flat and restored as close to new as possible.

Not only will they get your papers and books clean and dry, but our expert staff will leave your smelling clean and new. The last thing you want is to open a drawer or book and get hit with that awful musty smell of damp paper because it wasn’t cleaned correctly.

Many offices have pictures, drawings and artwork hanging in the building. These can often represent a significant investment for some companies. When these are damaged by water, it can represent a financial loss to the organization. Let our ServiceMaster by PWF professions restore your pictures and drawings.

If your structure is too damaged to be habitable during the drying process, ServiceMaster by PWF offers the options of inventorying your items and pack out service. This allows your items to been cleaned and stored away from your structure while repair services are been done. This prevents any additional damage to your items. Upon completion of the repairs, your items are returned and a reverse inventory is completed.

When water damage affects your business, ServiceMaster by PWF helps you to act fast to save your critical documents. Whether it is sentimental certificates and pictures or critical contracts, 24/7 emergency service and the right tools are what you need to keep your business functioning.

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