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People often think that the only damage in a fire is the area directly affected by the fire, but smoke and odor damage often affect all areas of the structure. Smoke can wind its way through all floors and rooms, regardless of what floor the fire is on, and it leaves behind soot and odor.

Areas you do not even think have been effected or have thought of, in most cases have been. Cupboards, closets, ductwork and more are landing spots for smoke and soot residue to land.

The remnants left behind by the smoke and soot can be dangerous when inhaled. ServiceMaster Restoration by PWF trained technicians can clean and sanitize all areas of your home or office.

We will clean documents, clothing, draperies, carpeting, furniture to rid the odor of smoke. Some cleaning can be done on site, however, most material items require us to inventory them and take them offsite for thorough cleaning. After they are clean and sanitized we will return them to you once you are ready for them.

Another remnant of fire is the fire extinguisher residue. The chemicals used to put out fires leave harmful and smelly residues. ServiceMaster by PWF provide expert cleanup.

Call now for the expert fire restoration team to complete your smoke, soot and odor removal for you quickly and efficiently.

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