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Mold Removal

If your home is suffering from excessive moisture, chances are mold contaminations are spreading across damp areas. The first 24 to 48 hours poses a severe concern to the homeowner’s health as it is the time frame wherein the mold multiplies into spores to infest the area. You need an immediate property disaster restoration by certified, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians

ServiceMaster by PWF is an expert when it comes to mold detectionmold inspectionmold removal, and mold remediation. If there is a need for us to perform dehumidification and water removal in the property to remove mold growth, we will also do it. We’ve got you covered!

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How Does Mold Spread

If you have mold in the basement or crawl space, its spores will rise throughout the house. This is called the “Stack Effect”. Because of the stack effect, the warm air rises in the home and exits through the upper levels and attic. When this occurs, a vacuum is created on the lower level which draws air upward from the crawl space and basement. Mold spores, dust mites, odors, and anything in the air will be drawn into the main area of the home that is where you breathe. A mold infestation can colonize within 1-14 days.

If you find mold, three things need to be done. First, you have to determine the source of moisture that is allowing the mold to grow and stop it. Second, you should eliminate and clean up the mold. And lastly, call a Green Cove property disaster restoration company.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Mold Structural Damage

If mold is allowed to grow and spread in a home or commercial building, a variety of physical damage can result — to both the structure itself and the building’s fixtures or contents.
Molds gradually destroy the things they grow on and can grow anywhere:

Building Materials and Structural Components

Mold may cause serious structural damage to a building because it feeds on and breaks down organic matter. Therefore, when mold infests walls, insulation, paper backing, or carpeting, the materials must be removed. Cleaning and removal cause great expense and inconvenience but is often necessary.

Personal Property

In addition to causing structural damage, mold may destroy property within the home. When mold attaches to a personal property it may be very difficult or impossible to clean. Often the item will have to be destroyed because the spores cannot be fully removed.

Heating and Ventilation Systems

Mold may also enter heating and ventilation systems. Many sections of the system may not be accessible for visible inspection or cleaning, therefore you may need professional assistance. Heating and ventilation systems must be cleaned thoroughly, as spores may use the systems as gateways to other areas of the home or commercial building. If the system cannot be cleaned, or if a moisture problem cannot be corrected, the whole system may have to be removed and replaced, often at great expense.

In the end, the best way to alleviate a mold problem is to deal with its root cause -- almost always a water intrusion problem. Most likely, you might also need water removal and dehumidification. If you watch for warning signs and correct a moisture problem soon after it occurs, you may be able to avoid substantial costs involved in cleaning a home or commercial building that has been infested with mold.

Mold Remediation Process

Experience is so important. A company that has been in the business for 10+ years will be prepared for any situation and will know how to best handle your job. We know because we have that kind of experience!

Consider hiring a mold professional like ServiceMaster by PWF to guarantee both a safe and accurate mold detectionmold inspectionmold removal, and mold remediation.

Don’t let the mold invade your home, rather live in a greener and healthier home. Call for mold remediation services today! Call us at (866) 599-0871 today for your Green Cove mold detection, mold inspection, mold removal, and remediation needs!

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