How Fires Can Sometimes Result To Water Damages in Your Home

After a small fire, where there’s  smoke and soot in your home, you may think that it is an easy task for you to handle. The truth is, it can be hard to know where to look for all the damage that the fire created. Cleaning after a fire requires a detailed inspection of your home from top to bottom, even the areas you think may have not been affected. Meanwhile, water damages can be caused by a variety of factors. Mostly, these are associated with overflowing toilets and plumbing leaks, but although these are common factors that lead to extensive water damages, one thing that no one thinks of is fires. Fires often bring with them a lot of water problems, and these problems aren’t just small issues; these problems can be very extensive and can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners.

So here’s how fires can sometimes result in water damage in your home:

When a fire happens, the resulting water damages contain water that has contamination. This water was exposed to the smoke and soot from the fire, and as a result, can be considered a health hazard. This becomes very dangerous to anyone exposed and needs to be dealt with by professionals like ServiceMaster by PWF possessing the right safety equipment, and using the safest and effective techniques.

As a result of a fire, your fire damage  restoration in Duval and St. Augustine may become more problematic and expensive. You may even have to replace lost furniture along with carpets and wall insulation. This can be difficult for families as they may lose a lot of their prized possessions both in the fire and because of the resulting water damages. However, some of the furniture may be restored by the restoration team like ServiceMaster by PWF, based on the extent of the damage.

One way to minimize damages from water and fires in St. Augustine and Duval is to use one restoration company, like ServiceMaster by PWF, to deal with both problemsOnce you do that, you let them work on both projects and prioritize what is most important at that moment. They can then efficiently switch between restoring the home after a fire and looking for any leaks or floods and dealing with them quickly. Once the immediate threat of the fire has been dealt with, the company focuses on water damages as they hold the priority of damaged carpets and furniture.

Fire damages are difficult enough on their own, but additional water damages can become a headache for the homeowner. These initial damages cause a lot of further problems such as molds and insects, along with posing health risks. However, the problem can be fixed easily by hiring an efficient restoration team to deal with both your fire and water damages at the same time.

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