How to Prevent Mold From Water Damage in Your Home in Jacksonville, Florida

As weather changes and storms become powerful and widespread, mold growth for water damage and is becoming more intense. Some areas of the country are suddenly dealing with moisture problems that they have never dealt with before.   Your mold removal expert is ServiceMaster by PWF

Mold Growth Conditions

Unattended moisture can lead to mold growth, whether it is in your home or in your office. Here are the four things that molds need so that they can grow:

  • Liquid water
  • Foods (typically sugar or starch)
  • Temperatures between 41° and 104°
  • Oxygen

The conditions of oxygen and temperature are usually met in any indoor environment. Food sources can easily be found in the back paper of a drywall or particles in the water, making the addition of liquid water into the cavity wall that should be taken care of right away.

Steps to Prevent Mold Growth

Whether the water damage is caused by a storm surge or any weather disturbance, if the water is trapped inside or behind walls, the elements that are needed for mold growth are most likely present. It is best to take action immediately to reduce the damage and prevent mold growth from spreading.  ServiceMaster by PWF will evaluate and remove the moisture causing the mold.

  1. Immediately dry areas. Try cleaning and drying the areas that are easily reached by water within 48 hours to avoid mold growth.  ServiceMaster by PWF has all needed drying equipment.
  2. Be aware of warning signs. Continue to be sensitive to smelly odors in the affected area after cleaning and drying.
  3. Take a peek outside. Always check the exterior corners of your homes or buildings for collected ground water. When the ground is soaked, molds begin to form outside and find their way inside the house. If the water has been collected in your area, take preventive measures to drain the water away from your place. Keeping your things dry is one of the best key steps to mold growth prevention.
  4. Removing damaged materials. If materials are wet and cannot be cleaned, better remove them from your area and replace them with new materials.

Some people are sensitive to molds and this can be harmful to their health. Make sure to take extra preventive measures to check for molds especially if it is the first time that you’ll be dealing with water inside your home or building. Use a combination of common sense and caution – if it is smells or looks bad, take appropriate measures, contact ServiceMaster by PWF.

We need to be extra careful and watchful especially if weather patterns are changing. Molds grow in liquid-affected places and it would be better if we’re going to take preventive measures to avoid their growth.

ServiceMaster by PWF, a water damage restoration company in Jacksonville has an answer for you. We cater to mold inspection and remediation in Jacksonville Beach. ServiceMaster by PWF is a full service water damage restoration company. We can manage all work, from the initial water removal to water reconstruction. We also provide water damage restoration services in San Marco and water damage restoration in Baldwin.

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