Roof Water Damage: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention in Duval

There are few things more devastating than a weather event which invades your home. And it can be overwhelming to deal with – where do you start when a tree has come crashing through your roof after a storm?

Here are some short views on roof water damage: causes, solutions and prevention in Duval.

The dark marks and spots which appear on ceilings are the most important and visible signs of roof damage. Water penetrating the property might cause a lot of issues and completely eat away the surface of the roof. Also, if water accumulation opens up spaces, insects might end up thriving. Thus, whenever you notice water spots, make sure to understand the potential danger and call ServiceMaster by PWF, a water damage restoration company in Duval.

Often you might notice that the shingles curl up and buckle, sending a signal that they need to be replaced. With time, they even might begin to rot, and before this happens, repairs have to be made.

With heavy storms and rainfall, the roof shingles tend to get loose and sometimes go missing. This would allow rain and dust to penetrate your house, causing more damage to the roof structure due to excess moisture. Thus, instead of waiting for all the shingles to get completely damaged, contact ServiceMaster by PWF, a service provider and get some restoration work of shingles done.

Problems in the shingles, water accumulation, and storage of dirt and dust often cause molds to grow. This is detrimental to the whole roof structure, and you should keep an eye out when you get to see the stains of mold and waste accumulation. With this kind of concern, you should call up a mold inspection expert to check it, like ServiceMaster of PWF in St Augustine and Duval.

Just like our walls, the roofs, too, need painting to last long, and hence you need to keep an eye out whether the paint peels off or not. Proper painting and coating protect the roof from incoming danger caused by sunlight and rainfall, tearing away the roof surface quality. This implies that there is a need to paint the portions from time to time as they fade with temperature fluctuation and adverse weather conditions.

Roof leaks can cause significant damage – far more than just water stains on your ceiling. If your roof hasn’t been checked in a while, have a licensed roofing professional undertake a thorough inspection. Clear your gutters, drains, and downpipes of leaves and other blockages so that rain can drain away and avoid pooling around and entering your home. Ensure a tidy yard and store away or secure items that may be blown around and can cause damage in the event of strong winds, such as outdoor furniture. Ensure that your roof has no pre-existing damage such as broken and missing roof tiles or roof sheeting that needs to be patched or replaced. It is also important to check that no light is shining through your roof space as this indicates that your roof is damaged.

Although nothing is going to prevent the damage caused by a tree falling through your roof or a major flood event, there are things you can do when building your house to help prevent small amounts of water entering your home through cracks in walls or roofs – small amounts of water which can still cause major damages.

What Should You Do if You have Roof Water Damage?

Step One: Safety

First, you need to take care of any safety hazards. This could mean putting a bucket down to collect dripping water, or laying out a towel to absorb a puddle. Though sometimes there is no visible water causing the damage, and you can skip this step.

Step Two: Is it a Roof Leak?

Investigate the leak to make sure it’s from the roof.  If the source isn’t obvious, you can head into the attic to look for it. Sometimes you’ll find a burst pipe up there instead of a hole in your roof, and then you’ll want to call ServiceMaster by PWF.

Step Three:  Roofer

Call ServiceMaster by PWF to determine the severity of the leak and to fix it. They will do an initial investigation and then tell you what caused the leak and how to prevent it.

Step Four: Call a Restoration Professional

Now that the leak is under control, you’re left with the water damage to deal with. This can be a bigger mess than you expect, with water stains, soaking walls and flooring, and the chance to develop mold if they aren’t handled within the first 48 hours. Exposure to mold and the other pathogens leaks can spread, can be hazardous, so it’s best to call a professional.

A restoration professional  like ServiceMaster by PWF can control mold and fix the water damage. They can dry up water and sanitize materials that can be salvaged. Do this before a smell develops from the water, but if not, they can also remove the smell.

ServiceMaster by PWF can also remove and replace any damaged materials, from the structure of your home, to furniture, and flooring.

Also ServiceMaster by PWF, a preferred insurance vendor, will gather evidence and work directly your insurance company.

With the roof being one of the important portions of a property, it deserves to be maintained and repaired time to time and inspected in regular intervals, so that there will be no serious damages. We often tend to overlook the condition of the roof, and end up ignoring it completely, which causes permanent damage and destruction. Though roof materials come with warranties, they definitely have their expiration periods, too. Instead of spending a small  amount in  or repairing the leaks, homeowners should look after them regularly and instantly.

ServiceMaster Restore by PWF technicians are trainedequipped, and ready to restore your property after any disaster, large or small, including water damagefire and smoke damage, and even mold. Count on ServiceMaster Restore by PWF to restore your property and your peace of mind. With 24/7/365 availability, ServiceMaster by PWF is there when you need us most. With a combined 30 plus years of industry experience, ServiceMaster Restore by PWF brings the industry know how and peace of mind that you deserve in your time of need.  Call us at (866) 599-0871.