Signs Your House Might Need Mold Inspection

Mold is a kind of fungus that comes in different colors and shapes. It comes in black, white, gray, or green. There are some molds that can easily be seen and are stinky. They usually grow on walls, under ceilings and floors, or areas that are not accessible. Most molds survive and produce in moist areas.

These are the most common places where mold will likely survive:

  • Leaking pipes, roofs, and windows
  • Basements that have been flooded and haven’t been thoroughly dried
  • Very tightly sealed buildings
  • Homes with poor ventilation

Molds can cause health problems if not treated very well. Some molds can cause rashes, seizures, unusual bleeding, and most respiratory problems.

This is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmare: being overwhelmed by an unpleasant, powerful odor. You are looking for what is causing that horrible smell and find a patch of something on the wall and on your carpet. Here are several things that indicate that you might have mold in your area.

Allergic symptoms

If you have allergies on molds and mildew and are suffering from that problem, then that’s the sign that there’s mold growing somewhere in your home. Sneezing, sore eyes, and runny nose are the most common allergic reactions when you sniff mold.

Strange odors

Mold releases an unusual smell. If you detect a musty odor, that’s a sign of mold in your area. You can follow the smell and have a professional remove it for you. Call an expert if you notice that there are molds that are growing in inaccessible areas like the back of walls.


A great deal of dampness or moisture in your home could be a sign of mold growth. That is also caused by condensation. It usually happens on metal pipes or glass windows.

Water leaks

Mold from leaks can often be hidden. If a leak is situated behind a wall or any inaccessible surface, then mold growth can be hard to locate. There will be mold hiding somewhere out of view, behind a wall or any other surface from which water is seeping through.

Do not worry, there is hope! You can call an expert to help you with your problem. There is a mold damage inspection in Fanning Springs that offers you great qualities of mold-resistant help. If the worst happens, you can remodel your house using materials that are mold-resistant.

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