Top Causes of Tile and Grout Damage

It is already common nowadays to find tile in different parts of the house, not only in bathrooms or sinks of homes or industrial buildings. With many colors and designs to choose from, it is no wonder that tiles are an essential part of the house or business areas to add aesthetic value. Tiles and grout always go together. However, there are also times when they do not look pleasing to the eyes due to dirt and cracks.

To make your place as clean and beautiful as it used to, you need a professional tile and grout cleaning company in St. Augustine, Florida such as ServiceMaster by PWFServiceMaster by PWF covers tile and grout cleaning from day to day activities which cause dirt to accumulate on the tile and grout of your home or business facility. Service Master by PWF can also handle tile and grout cleaning after a disaster has hit your property. Tile cleaning and grout cleaning depends on what disaster has taken place. Whether it is fire or water damage, Service Master by PWF has the equipment, the right techniques, and the team of professionals to get your tile and grout clean and fresh again like they were before.

You may not notice your tile and grout getting dirty on a day-to-day basis, but making a random inspection reveals the dirt build-up. Nowadays, you have more colors, textures, and kind of materials of tiles to choose from to beautify your home. You would not want this to go to waste, so investing in a tile and grout cleaning service is a more economical way of restoring your tile floors, walls, or counter-tops at home rather than having them replaced. ServiceMaster by PWF can do the job. Installed tiles in your commercial business facility are also not spared of dirt and grime with the day-to-day traffic of people and, sometimes, equipment which is needed to bring goods in and out of your property. A St Augustine professional tile and grout cleaning company such as the Service Master by PWF has the right processes to deal with the dirt stuck in the tile and grout.

Usually, an inspection is done first to determine which cleaning process will be taken. Water and vacuum combination is then used by trained technicians to  draw the dirt from the surface of the tile and grout. The time spent cleaning  depends on the size of the room and the amount of dirt embedded in the tile and grout. Cleaning your tile and grout after a disaster is unlike cleaning it  every week. Also, the cleaning process differs depending on what type of  disaster your tile and grout area has been through. When your home or business  has been damaged by fire, a team of experts from ServiceMaster by PWF assesses your tiles first, whether they are fire or water-damaged.Once assessed, the process of cleaning is then decided upon. If chemicals were used to put out the fire, cleaning off the chemicals is done first before restoring the tile and grout.

Dry vacuuming is done to remove the soot and then the tiles are cleaned and dried. The tile and grout must be clean and dry before restoring by resealing the grout, or else all will go to waste. If water was used to put out the fire, tile and  grout must be cleaned and sanitized then dried first, before they are restored.  Water damage, such as floods, can result in dirty tile and grout. The role  of ServiceMaster by PWF is to remove the water first then assess the damage. The tile and grout must be thoroughly dried first before cleaning, especially when exposed to standing water. Cleaning and drying the tile and resealing the grout are done to make them look fresh and clean again.

For tile and grout cleaning in St. Augustine and other parts of St. Johns County, you may contact ServiceMaster by PWF at (866) 599-0871.You may also check out the website for more information on the tile and grout  cleaning services that ServiceMaster by PWF can provide for your home or  business facility at If you are looking for St. Augustine professional tile and grout cleaning company, ServiceMaster by PWF is the most reliable you can find in the area.Contact us today  !