What is IICRC Certification?

IICRC or Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is an organization that sets standards for the industries that offer inspection, cleaning and restoration of homes and buildings that were affected by water (either by flooding or leaks), fire and others.

How Does your Company Get IICRC Certification?

Before your company can get an IICRC Certification, some or all of your employees should be trained in courses under the IICRC. Different courses need to be completed: courses in restoration, cleaning, and inspection. You should have a professional employee who specializes in each course. Courses in restoration cover several restorations of walls that were affected by the flood, that cause mold because of moisture in the atmosphere.

If your house or business building is suffering from such, look for a company that specializes in mold remediation services in Clearwater FloridaAfter your technicians have an IICRC Certification in each course, continue to train them in IICRC; they can continue their training up to the Masters level of each course offered or they can be trained in the field that will make them more competent in dealing with the real matter and issues in cleaning, restoration or inspection of homes and businesses. Have this training documented for the ongoing process of your certification. Moreover, have a Proof of Insurance – some of your clients may ask for this proof and your company must present it.

One of the aims of IICRC is customer satisfaction; thus, the company is required to set up a document that they have properly addressed the situation and have given remedy to the affected areas.

When your house or business is damaged by water, either from flood, leaks, or an overflow that makes the building wet, unusable, or cause a bacterium build-up, such areas should be properly treated. A Clearwater Florida flood damage restoration company should be contacted immediately to treat and make your property properly dried and mold-free.

Any company that is in water damage restoration in Clearwater FL can engage in business without the IICRC certification. However, to gain the trust and confidence of your clients when restoring and clearing damages in their houses and businesses, you need to present proof of your credibility and expertise. You should be one of the IICRC-certified firms in Clearwater FL. Also, by getting this certification, you can vouch for the skills of your employees that will give you confidence in giving your services, not just for the sake of repairing and restoring your clients’ houses but giving your service with limited flaws and error.

Also, an IICRC certification will give your business a professional reputation that will set your business and employees’ competency in doing the restoration of damages of one’s home. Make sure to keep your company competitive by giving continuing training and insurance, and properly document the training you have for your employees and technicians in the past and the on-goings. Finally, keep your business complaint-free by maintaining a proper customer complaint system that will help your company address and follow up on the issues professionally.

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