What to Know About Dust Mites

Thinking of a million dust mites living under your pillow and eating your dead skin and hair is adequate to make you sick. Dust mites cause asthma and allergies if ever they run into your body. Dust mites have a big impact on the health of young children and the elderly since they do not have strong immune systems. Here are the things that you might want to know about dust mites.

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic bugs that live on your dead skin cells, but dust mites are usually harmless to people. They don’t bring disease but they can cause allergic reactions to the asthmatic. People sometimes mistake dust mites for bed bugs.

Are there available services for exterminating dust mites and cleaning properties?

A company in Florida offers services for cleaning and restoring your properties from the damage caused by dust mites. ServiceMaster by PWF is the name that you should always remember when dealing with property restorations. We provide services such as air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and residential cleaning.

1.)   Get residential cleaning and mold remediation services from the one and only reliable damage restoration company in Northeast Florida, ServiceMaster by PWF.

2.)   Keep the house clean. To avoid the large increase of dust mites in your homes, you can ask for carpet cleaning in Gainesville. That way,ServiceMaster by PWF will clean your carpet in no time.

3.)   Use a good air filter. One way to prevent dust mites from visiting your homes is to have air duct cleaning in St. Augustine if you living in Northeast Florida. A good air filter can drive away dust mites for a couple of months.

4.)   Keep your residential place neat and clean. Meanwhile, residential cleaning in St. John provided by ServiceMaster Restoration by PWF  is another step that can keep those dust mites away from your humble abode.

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